Zuidste Kaap Restaurant and Pub is situated in Cape Agulhas,  5 minutes drive from Struisbaai.

In December of ’99 our beaches had been laden with giant timber logs reaching ten meters in length and weighing up to 10 tons each. This was the result of a freight-liner that lost its cargo off the coast of Madagascar, two months prior.


Among the chaos, a local Struisbaai resident saw an opportunity. Coupled with his passion for people, food and socializing, he swiftly made work of these wooden logs and turned them into furniture that would ultimately be used in this restaurant.

Neels Grobler took ownership of Zuidste Kaap in February 2010. His friendly, warm approach to the restaurant industry makes him successful and certainly the most preferred restaurant in the area.

Feel free to stop by on your next visit to the southernmost tip of Africa and experience traditional South African cuisine at its best.



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